March 12, 2009


Invented by Charles Chamberland in 1879, an autoclave can be described as a pressurized device designed to heat aqueous solutions above their boiling point at normal atmospheric pressure to achieve sterilization. They are used in microbiology, medicine, sterilizing instruments for body piercing, veterinary science, dentistry, podiatry and metallurgy. Autoclaves are also used in various other industries like rubber etc.

Autoclaves are also used in hospitals and healthcare structures. A medical autoclave uses steam to sterilize sterilize medical or laboratory instruments and other objects to kill or inactive all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Sterilization temperature and sterilization cycle are set to achieve this objective.

Types of Autoclaves

There are several types of autoclaves. The simplest of autoclave resembles a pressure cooker. It is a large pot with a gauge on top and bolts that fasten the top to the pot. Since water in a pressurized container can be heated above the boiling point and the water attains much higher temperatures, the autoclaves kill unwanted micro-organisms. There are also small autoclaves which are used in medical or doctor’s clinics and are used to sterilize tiny instruments or devices.

On the other hand, hospitals and big nursing homes use large sized autoclaves that look like a dishwasher. The bigger hospital autoclaves can sterilize large numbers of surgical instruments in one cycle, keeping up with the continuous demand from the patient room, operating rooms and emergency department.

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